Sediplus® S 2000

Sediplus® S 2000


Automated device for measuring ESR on 40 channels.

The optimal combination with S-Sedivette® systems allows the measurement of ESR at any time, including cito, immediately after the receipt of a blood sample in the laboratory.

The Sediplus® S 200 allows you to measure ESR in an independent mode simultaneously in 40 tubes. After the sample has been identified (bar code reading), the S-Sedivette® tube is installed in the free channel of the instrument. All other processes fully automated. During operation of the device, the platform is constantly moving up and down. As a result, the measuring beam passes through each S-Sedivette® tube. The beam hits a special detector located behind the S-Sedivette®. The boundary between the supernatant and the erythrocyte sediment is precisely determined by the difference in intensity of the light beam.

The measurement is carried out for 1 hour and 2 hours or 30 minutes and 1 hour, then the protocol with the results of the study is sent to the central computer. The protocol contains the following information: the channel number of the device, the identification number of the test tube, and the results of the study, including the protocol, indicates an empty test tube or indicates power problems that may have occurred during operation of the device. Optionally, an identification number or patient name can be entered manually. The results are displayed on the monitor or printed out on the printer. Additional modules for 40 channels (up to 3 modules) can be connected to the base model of the device for 40 channels with the operator panel.

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